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Terms of services

The following Terms of Use governs the User’s, Privacy Policy Statement and Disclaimer Notice and any or all Agreements. In exchange for the fees you pay, we will host your website on one or more of our servers. We are also ready to provide as long as you stand by the terms and conditions, that are set out on this page and other agreements, that relate to the services. All of the trademarks, logos, images, and service marks used on this Site are the property of, Evolving Sky Digital Marketing Company

Please read the page carefully prior to order services from Evolving Sky Digital, and make sure you understand everything from this page. It's like a obligatory contract between evolvingsky.com and you. If you have any questions about regarding this page, please feel free to contact us at info@evolvingsky.com.

Our Services

Our services according to the specifications listed for the hosting package during the signup process. On this page, the term "services" refers to the web hosting services that provide to you and if you are an Affiliate. We provide you the services relating to that program and also provide the services 7 days a week, 24 hours a day for as long as you paid for them. You must acknowledge that due to the nature of web hosting technology, you may face occasional unavailability of the services. Sometimes there may be chances of equipment breakdowns also. At other times we undertake episodic maintenance measures or repairs. Still there may be chances of causes beyond our control, like power interruption or failures of digital transmission links or telecommunication, hostile network attacks, network traffic and other occurrences. We have not promised to provide you with never-ending service.

Free technical support

Evolving sky digital provides Free Technical Support, which is restricted to issues that are directly related to your Web Hosting Account. Evolving sky digital will not provide website maintenance services in veneration of any Hosted Website. Without limiting this exclusion, you also need to agree that Evolving sky digital accepts no responsibility for any inaccuracy or deficiency.In any of your Hosted Website that is attributable to defects in your database, and/or website caused due to mistakes or errors in development/programming.

Further you need to recognize that Evolving sky digital's Technical Support, does not include the maintenance of other, direct or indirect issues/problems (but not limited to).Such as Website Programming, HTML coding, Content/Data Migration, Downloading or Uploading of files for you. Troubleshooting your website and/or database, adding new files to your configuring scripts and website in any way whatsoever. For this there may be the chances of having an additional cost, which is not covered within your web hosting plan/package.

During National Holidays and during some occasional Saturday’s and Sundays Our Technical Support will be limited. During this time, We will still try to be able to provide you with Basic Non-Technical Support via Live Chat and Phone. There will be lesser staffs attending to your business issues. So, we hope you would excuse us for the possible delay only during that day.

Privacy Policy Statement

We are devoted to shield your privacy. We ensure Authorized employees within the company with minimum basis. Such as how to use any type of information collected from individual customers. Our team constantly examine the systems and data to ensure the best possible service to our customers. We will also investigate actions with a view.In order to accusing and/or taking civil proceedings, to recover damages against those responsible.